The goal of our art acquisition process is to work with our clients to help them choose artwork that is customized to their environment and needs. Through this collaborative process we aim to create a gratifying experience where the chosen art is not just aesthetic and fits the allocated budget, but meaningful and engaging as well. With over 60 years in the industry, we have extensive experience working with both interior designers and architects to assist in the selection of artwork that enhances any space.
Through our comprehensive service, we handle all logistics on our client’s behalf. From initial connections with galleries, auction houses, and artists to organizing appointments with shippers, installers, and conservators, we are there to handle the arrangements at all steps of the process.

We offer turnkey exhibition planning services for both private and corporate spaces by working with our clients to tailor exhibitions to their environment and needs. Our goal is to curate art programs that not just engage the space and enhance the existing design and architecture, but that are meaningful for our clients and their communities as well. A comprehensive service, we manage all steps of the process from art selection to installation logistics and programming.

At Reeves, we know that the art collecting experience does not just stop once you purchase a piece. Because of this, we provide art consultation and advisory services to help manage the growing collections of our private and corporate collectors.
We work with our clients and help assess their needs and work to find solutions that best fit their collection. From inventory creation to collections care, we are here to make sure that our client’s collections are organized, well documented, and conserved properly.