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Gallery Projects


This group show is comprised of an eclectic mix of art from seven Houston based artists, each with their own unique perspective and approach to painting, sculpture, and mixed media. From expressive bursts of painted color to sculptures sprawling across the space, this show was certainly a visual delight.

Featured artists included Tod Bailey, Erika Whitney, Tom Bandage, Matt Messinger, Benji Stiles, Tommy Taylor, and Peter Healy.

Five Artists Five Rooms

In this group exhibition we showcase the geometric minimalism of five Houston based artists who look to explore contemporary shape language through bold colors and design. From vibrant, imagined landscapes to explosions of hard-edge forms, this show examines the visual vocabulary that each artist has crafted for themselves.

Featured artists included David Hardaker, Chris Cascio, Emmanuel Araujo, Max Kremer, and Terry Suprean.

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